"What if books are not just an assembly of words. What if books could connect emotionally!"

All books are fascinating but there is something about children's books that is simple, charming, informative and yet captivating. They are funny, beautiful, illustrative and touching. A children's book character always leaves a lasting impression on a child and you often see children imitating their favorites. For those who are living through their childhood or re-living it with your children; story always revolves around the child. Be it scouting a lion in a jungle to finding a magic stick; it is always the child who comes out to be a hero. Mesmerized by this winning formula and capturing the emotions; we bring to you this unique feature in your child's book which will entice you/them to live their fantasy world more realistically.

A fresh new Idea for gifting books to Children! It's a first in India & only possible here at

It's very Simple – Select the book you wish to gift and send us the name of the child! We will print the book with the child's name for the character alongside the main character in the story!

Queries: info@podindia.com

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Bringing your favourite international characters soon....