A Letter to my Niece

ISBN 9781784620011
Author Enid Laird
Publisher Troubador Publishing Ltd
No. Of Pages 120
Binding Paperback
Language eng
Category Biography & Autobiography
Publishing Year 2014
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About the book

When her beloved elder brother, a WWII hero in the RAF, passed in October 2013, Enid Laird began an exchange of correspondence with her niece. This brought powerful memories flooding back, and as a matter of urgency Enids autobiography erupted from her mind and onto paper. A Letter to my Niece is an account of Enids life growing up in the aftermath of the First World War. Her father struggled to hold employment and her mother sought to provide security for Enid and her brothers, leading to an unsettled childhood. The Second World War dominated much of Enids young adulthood, and as she grew into a woman she experienced love and loss, finding solace in her religion. This book is unashamedly based on Enids own growing Christian conviction, and readers will find hope and light within its pages. A Letter to my Niece is a touching story that will make a fascinating and moving read for anyone who enjoys autobiographies, particularly those with faith themselves.

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