Epitaph for a Working Man

ISBN 9781784622992
Author Erhard von Büren
Publisher Troubador Publishing Ltd
No. Of Pages 160
Binding Paperback
Language eng
Category Fiction / Fiction / Literary
Publishing Year 2015
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About the book

This is a vivid, unsentimental yet intensely moving portrayal of an old man who, in spite of his failing health, stubbornly continues to actively enjoy life going to the pub, smoking and drinking, doing stonemasons jobs, observing and commenting on the people around him. His environment and social relationships as well as those of his son, the narrator are portrayed with great attention to detail, providing us with an unfamiliar, realistic and sometimes humorous picture of run-of-the-mill everyday life in a provincial part of Switzerland in the 1980s. In Epitaph for a Working Man, Erhard von Brens laconic account, written from the sons viewpoint, is dispassionate and occasionally harsh, but it becomes a loving homage to the father. The old mans life is encapsulated in his final year: his toughness and his weakness, his dedication, his roughness and his gentleness.

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