Fidel Castro's Childhood

ISBN 9781780882154
Author Steven Walker
Publisher Troubador Publishing Ltd
No. Of Pages 144
Binding Paperback
Language eng
Category Biography & Autobiography / Biography & Autobiography / Political
Publishing Year 2012
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About the book

Fidel Castro is something of an enigma. For 50 years he has defied all Americas attempts to topple him and Cubas government. He continues to occupy a special place in Cubas collective consciousness and over his unique version of a socialist society in Latin America but what shaped him into the person he is today? The saying goes to understand the man, you must first understand the child, and no other book has concentrated exclusively on Fidel Castros childhood and on his formative experiences. Fidel Castros Childhood The Untold Story examines those crucial early years that, together with external circumstances and family relationships, made Castro the man he is. Steven Walker has used all the available evidence, including the testimony of close friends, to assemble the facts to analyse, interpret and draw conclusions using his extensive knowledge of politics, psychotherapy and child development. Fidel Castros Childhood The Untold Story offers an opportunity to gain new insight into the life of Castro. Love or loathe him, you cannot ignore him. Castro is one of the iconic political figures of the 20th century and a towering character in the pantheon of revolutionary leaders, Fidel Castros Childhood The Untold Story throws light into the dark corners and shadowy recesses of the early life of this exceptional, enigmatic character. Che Guevara might receive more international attention in the story of Cubas history, but it is Castro who has remained enticingly enigmatic until now.

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