Grandad's War

ISBN 9781785890086
Author A C Reynolds
Publisher Troubador Publishing Ltd
No. Of Pages 272
Binding Paperback
Language eng
Category Biography & Autobiography / Biography & Autobiography / Military
Publishing Year 2015
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About the book

Grandads War is the wonderful account of a 5th Battalion, Coldstream Guardsman, Sergeant Stephen Simpson, No. 2664217. Set on the frontline, during WWII, he was part of the infantry, in the Guards Armoured Division. Steve takes us a journey; out of the Yorkshire mines, down to the Army recruiting offices, where he becomes a lifelong member of the infamous Coldstream Guards. The 17 year old soldiers story is delivered in a true Yorkshire mans style, with warmth and good humour, parallel to the horrendous events of war, which unfold around him. This fascinating insight is a window to another world and another generation; come walk with him, through his training years in England, when he met his sweet heart Beryl, who he wrote to from the trenches. Cross the channel with him, over to France as he takes part in some of the key campaigns in Europe, like Operation Veritable, Good Wood and Market Garden. Travel through the battle scarred landscapes of Normandy, leaving his injured and fallen comrades and friends behind, taking part in some of the hardest and cruellest battles there were, we advance through Normandy, smashing through the Germans and liberating Arras. We walk alongside heroes, like VC Captain I. O. Liddell. We take part in the longest and fastest march in British Military history; ensuring the liberation of Brussels and are met with overwhelming joy, as civilians are released from the shackles of 4 years of Nazi occupation. Not found sitting on his laurels, Steve then takes us into Germany; liberating a Russian P.O.W camp, then rounding up the surrendering German Army at Rotenburg Aerodrome with Field Marshal Montgomery. Along his journey Steve scrupulously saved even the smallest of artefacts, to mark his life changing, life threatening, experience. Over 200 original war time items were found after his death; pay books, release papers, character references, medals, cap stars, buttons, an Iron Cross, Nazi pin badge, postcards, postal dockets, photographs, letters to his sweet heart, even a Boxing Day menu from 1945, and are all featured throughout his book adding a valuable, visual insight. Steve then takes us beyond the war, back to Normandy 60 years on, when he is awarded the Veteran Badge of honour, he is humbled by the children and adults who personally thank him for their freedom, his story will stay with you, long after the next V.E. Day celebrations.

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