Quit & Run

ISBN 9781780884592
Author Daniel Tabbush
Publisher Troubador Publishing Ltd
No. Of Pages 128
Binding Paperback
Language eng
Category Biography & Autobiography / Biography & Autobiography / Business
Publishing Year 2013
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About the book

I was a highly rated bank analyst, at the number one stockbroker in Asia, for nearly 20 years, and I decided to give it all up. Travelling the world had created a hunger for work and income, which was more than satiated by my role as Head of Asian Bank Research at CLSA. But it got to the point where I became more concerned with my work-life balance than anything else. To give up a big paycheck is never easy, but that is precisely what Daniel Tabbush did in early 2012 and he has not looked back since. Quit &Run: My WakeUp Call on WallStreet is his story, spanning his career success and rise to a high-power job. However, his large salary came at a high price. I was beholden to an incessant Blackberry, an instant-response industry and the process of socialising a research view endlessly. Working trips, which often spanned 20 cities, across several countries, in less than 20 days, with nearly 100 client meetings, finally took their toll. Over the years, Daniels sought-after role became something much more macabre. The glittering industry he had entered into had moved away from its roots and what he had enjoyed finding great stock ideas for investors. He decided to get out before it was too late. I always kept my bank analysis simple, but my life and the industry was anything but that. I had to regain a better semblance of work-life balance. A key tenant of Buddhism is The Middle Path to avoid extremes of sensual pleasures and self-mortification and this is what I feel I was missing for so many years, and what I am trying to regain. Quit &Run will appeal to fans of autobiographies, and those interested in the finance industry.

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