Who'd be a copper?

ISBN 9781784622541
Author Jonathan Nicholas
Publisher Troubador Publishing Ltd
No. Of Pages 256
Binding Paperback
Language eng
Category Biography & Autobiography / Biography & Autobiography / Law Enforcement
Publishing Year 2015
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About the book

Whod be a copper? follows Jonathan Nicholas in his transition from a long-haired world traveller to becoming one of Thatchers army on the picket lines of the 1984 miners dispute and beyond. His first years in the police were often chaotic and difficult, and he was very nearly sacked for not prosecuting enough people. Working at the sharp end of inner-city policing for the entire thirty years, Jonathan saw how politics interfered with the job; from the massaging of crime figures to personal petty squabbles with senior officers. His last ten years were the oddest, from being the best cop in the force to repeatedly being told that he faced dismissal. This astonishing true story comes from deep in the heart of British inner-city policing and is a revealing insight into what life is really like for a police officer, amid increasing budget cuts, bizarre Home Office ideas and stifling political correctness. I can write what I like, even if it brings the police service into disrepute, because I dont work for them anymore!says Jonathan Nicholas. Whod be a copper? is a unique insight into modern policing that will appeal to fans of autobiographies, plus those interested in seeing what really happens behind the scenes of the UKpolice.

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