The Twelve Abbots of Challant and The Miracle of Saint Odilia

ISBN 9781899293544
Author Laura Mancinelli
Publisher Troubador Publishing Ltd
No. Of Pages 216
Binding Paperback
Language eng
Category Fiction & Related Items / Fiction In Translation
Publishing Year 2004
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About the book

These two novellas by Laura Mancinelli are both set in the middle ages. They have been translated into English (from Italian) and are presented together here. In "The Twelve Abbots of Challant" Duke Franchino inherits a castle with the malignant cause that he must remain chaste. Twelve abbots are sent to the castle to watch him, and during their say all meet unusual deaths. The castle is also visited by beautiful ladies, charlatans, a philosopher, a troubadour and an astrologer. Mysteries, magic potions, and romances abound in a world that seems half real and half fairy tale. "The Miracle of Saint Odilia" features the unlikely relationship between a nun and a knight. The Abbess Odilia encounters a disillusioned knight who has returned from the crusades destroyed by the atrocities he saw committed. Together they convert her convent into a place of friendship and joy, and in doing so discover their love for each other. With her poetic style and rich characterisation, Mancinelli crafts a story of redemption, friendship and finding love in the most unlikely of places.

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