Writing a Marketable Book

ISBN 9781780882727
Author Charlie Wilson
Publisher Troubador Publishing Ltd
No. Of Pages 250
Binding Paperback
Language eng
Category Business & Economics
Publishing Year 2012
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About the book

Writing a Marketable Book helps an author create a book that has a decent chance of getting published and selling copies. Thousands of authors write books each year either to submit for publication or to self-publish. Getting published, in whatever form, is the Holy Grail. But countless authors either fail to make it off the slush pile, or self-publish a book that sells just a few copies. Whats needed is guidance on writing a book that has a decent chance of selling focusing on initial concept right through to polished manuscript. Thats where Writing a Marketable Book comes in. This is more than a writing guide. This is a guide to the business of publishing and marketing, and to creating a marketable product. Its a book for those looking to secure an agent and publisher, and for those wanting to self-publish. Its a book for anyone who wants an answer to the question: How do I write a book thats marketable to readers? Its what every author needs: a clear, practical, friendly, easy-to-follow book that helps you write a book that readers want to read. Charlie Wilson is the founder of The Book Specialist editorial agency and works in publishing on both sides of the fence as a book editor and an author. Here she draws on her experience in developing books for authors and publishers, training other editors in book development, and writing and marketing her own books, to give you a valuable insight into the publishing world.

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